Helen's Bits N Pieces about the CVMC presented to the club 9-19-15 at our club picnic.
By: Helen Rodak

CVMC History

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club was founded in 1940 and had it's first formal organizational meeting March 7, 1941. Nineteen people shared an interest in rocks, minerals, gems and geology, as well as a friendship with the late Norman C. VanNess, a prominent area mineralogist. Soon their common objective came clear. They wished to stimulate a general interest in minerals and mineral collecting. By gathering together people from the Valley with these shared interests, they hoped to promote comradeship and an exchange of ideas. The knowledge of the members was increased through lectures, readings, study comparison of specimens and collecting in the field. Special study of the mineralogical and geological features of the Connecticut Valley and vicinity was encouraged as well as the search for new minerals. Help and instruction were readily given to beginners with the intent of cultivating their interest in mineral collecting as a hobby.

Today these objectives remain the foundation our active and growing club. You are welcome to join us for meetings the first Wednesday of the month, September through June (except Feb.), at 6:30PM in the Springfield Science Museum, Tolman Wing at the Quadrangle in Springfield, MA.

The many benefits of membership in the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club include:

  • First and foremost, hands on learning experience from many knowledgeable veterans

  • An opportunity to share a common interest

  • Presentations by knowledgeable collectors and professionals

  • An opportunity for young collectors to acquire knowledge and experience wholesome time with family and friends

  • A club sponsored show

  • A club picnic most years

  • Club sponsored field trips to mineral or fossil collecting sites

  • Club Brag Night with winners plaque's and blue ribbons

  • December Holiday party

  • Insurance for the quarry or mine owners during club sponsored digs

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  • Below is past history of a founder and charter member of the CVMC .. Leo Otis

    From: Rocks and Minerals , January-February 1960, v.35, n.1-2, pages 30-31.
    (“Memorial to Leo Derwood Otis” by B. M. Shaub)

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