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The following rules apply

1. Entries MUST BE SELF-COLLECTED and YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A MEMBER IN 2023 when you collected the specimen. 


4. CVMC DISCOURAGES THE ENTRY OF ANY MATERIAL COLLECTED AT UN-AUTHORIZED OR CLOSED SITES. One purpose of the Club is to promote and encourage good collecting habits, which
includes going only to permitted or open sites. Therefore, no entries will be allowed from closed sites.

5. Judging is purely subjective and will be done by all members attending the January meeting. The entry with the most votes will win. There will be only one winner per category.

6. The winner of each of the categories will then be put into a separate category entitled BEST SELF-COLLECTED SPECIMEN for the 2023 collecting season.
The entries to this category will then be judged again, and a “BEST” will be selected.

7. Winners of each of the above categories will receive a blue ribbon.

8. The Winner of “BEST SELF-COLLECTED SPECIMEN” will also have his/her name engraved on a plaque commemorating their win. The winner will keep the plaque for one year.

9. Entries are NOT limited to only those locations on the CVMC field trip list. If you collect somewhere else, you may enter that item, AS LONG AS THE ENTRY ADHERES TO RULES "1" AND "2".

10. When submitting an entry, clearly label the specimen on a "3 x 5" card with the following: Category on top, ACCURATE Specimen Name, Location, and Date Collected below, AND ON THE BACK YOUR NAME

Brag Night Categories:
1. Juniors (17 years old and under)
2. Fossil
3. Faceted stone (self-made)
4. Lapidary item (self-made)
5. Jewelry item (self-made)
6. Ugliest Specimen
7. Specimen from Maine
8. Specimen from New Hampshire
9. Specimen from Vermont
10. Specimen from Massachusetts
11. Specimen from Rhode Island
12. Specimen from Connecticut
13. Specimen from New York
14. Specimen collected anywhere else in the US
15. Specimen collected outside the United States
16. Micro mount specimen
17. Senior citizen category (65 or older category). This is the only category in which a specimen can be entered
that was collected anytime in the senior citizen's collecting career.
18. Specimen from a CVMC Field trip
19. Pocket Material

“Best Of” Plaque Awards
Juniors, best of plaque
Adult, best of plaque
Judges Choice plaque

“Good luck to everyone and have fun!

*Remember*  You will not be allowed to compete in January’s BRAG NIGHT 2024

competition until your club dues are paid.

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