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Brag Night 2016 Plaque Winners:
Adult 'Best Self Collected' Plaque Winner: Dynelle Longto
Judge's Choice 'Best of Show' Plaque Winner: Dynelle Longto
Blue Ribbon Category Winners:
1. Children’s Plaque Specimen: (No entry)
2. Juniors Specimen: (No entry)
3. Fossil: Dynelle Longto
4. Faceted Stone, self-made: (No entry)
5. Lapidary, self-made: Jack Marcy
6. Jewelry, self-made: Jeff Kontoff
7. Ugliest Specimen: Andy Brodeur
8. Specimen from Maine: (No entry)
9. Specimen from New Hampshire: Andy Brodeur
10. Specimen from Vermont: Dynelle Longto
11. Specimen from Massachusetts: Andy Brodeur
12. Specimen from Rhode Island: (No entry)
13. Specimen from Connecticut: Tim Ruelle
14. Specimen from New York: Andy Brodeur
15. Specimen collected in the U. S.: Danielle Desmarais
16. Specimen from outside the U. S.: Jacqueline Colby
17. Micromount Specimen: Danielle Desmarais
18. Specimen from a senior member: Helen Rodak
19. Specimen collected on a CMVC field trip: Danielle DesMarais
20. Pocket Contents: (No entry)

Photo's of winners below by: Wayne Corwin

brag list.jpg
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