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2016 CVMC Mineral Show

Just when you thought it was safe to have a mineral show
The story of our 2016 mineral show and how it really pays to have a Plan B

We learned the hard way in 2012 what it means to have all your hard work almost trashed with a single phone call.
This is a follow up article to the 2012 article, When the Show Hits The Fan. Reading that first will give you a better appreciation for this one.

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club has been having mineral shows for years. It's the main fundraiser for us, as it is most mineral Clubs, it's a lot of work but worth it in the end. The planning, advertising, venue scheduling and execution of all the involved factors takes a coordinated effort between the show committee and member volunteers to make it all happen.

All these things were well under way, we had 10,000 flyers already printed and in circulation, plans made, dealers confirmed and contracts signed when we got that dreaded phone call…. AGAIN!

It was October and the Hotel where our show had been held since 2013 called to say there was a problem. We were aware the Hotel was planning a major demolition and reconstruction project of a brand new facility in the future but they assured us that nothing was going to happen until AFTER our 2016 event; yeah right!! After the first nightmare we got smart and had a plan B in place for just such occasions. We had a couple other venues we had visited previously to see if they had sufficient room to hold a mineral show and at least one was close by that would serve us well. This time it wasn't as bad as the first time, we were given more notice this time which helped.

The committee met, discussed the situation and decided to proceed with Plan B. The only problem with this plan was the date had to change. Our show has been held around the third weekend in March for years and people had gotten use to that. The dealers were all on board accept for 1 or 2 that already had other commitments but with the list of fill in dealers we have it was no problem to fill empty spots.

A whole new floor plan needed to be drawn up to make the most out of the new space and keep the dealers with the amount of space they wanted. All new advertising AGAIN, etc. etc. just like the first time.

The outcome of all this craziness was one of our most well attended shows in the history of the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club. The funny thing is that each time we were forced to deviate from the normal routine it has been a success.

When it happened the first time we set a new show attendance record with the numbers slowly creeping up each year. This year after the forced change in our normal routine in both date and location we set another Show record with 1024 paid admissions on Saturday and 700 on Sunday. An attendance of 1700 is an unheard of number for a small Club show.

We can only attribute this year's success to the new location, and our advertising in both conventional methods and social media. It also helps to have a show committee that is totally committed to excellence in putting on a first class show and not being afraid to act and react to what others might see as an unbeatable situation.

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