April 21st 2019 - Vermont clay concretion trip

The weather for the Easter weekend trip to Vermont for concretions was looking iffy at best for most of the week leading up to the trip. The forecast started looking better by Friday so I called everyone to confirm that we were going and to bring a change of clothes in case we were dealing with muddy conditions. The farther we drove the better the weather got, skies started to clear and the sun started peaking.
By the time we got to the Sharon Trading Post the sun was out with big fluffy, fair weather clouds.

The 8 CVMC members started funneling in and as everybody showed up I made sure to tell them about the Sharon Trading post, homemade donuts, they really can’t be beat!!
There were only 2 veteran members and the rest had never been out for concretions before so there was a brief explanation on them. Then we announce the little completion for the day!! There was contest for the most Easter shaped concretion for the day and the winner would get an Easter basket full of usefully hobby related items, (sunscreen, bug spray, safety glasses a bug net and a few pieces of Easter candy).

With that out of the way we traveled to the first of 3 locations for the day. The early spring collecting was much better than last year’s late season trip and the concretions were just hanging out of the banks waiting for us! The heavy rain the week before really helped us with deep trenches cut in the banks from erosion.
We spent about 2 hours at each of the first 2 locations and worked our way back to the Sharon Trading Post for lunch around 1pm where we did the judging for the Easter contest. Penny Pitts won the contest with a concretion that resembled a lamb. She in turn shared all the items in the basket with the rest of the group!

We went to one more location after lunch to finish out the day and we were all on our way home by about 3:30. This was another awesome spring day of collecting and almost a mirror image of the Loudville trip 2 weeks before.
Report & Photos by: Trip leader, Andrew Brodeur