New York Fossil weekend

The 2019 NY fossil weekend was well attended on both days not only by the CVMC but by 2 other clubs also. The NY Paleontological society and the Capital District club also attended this trip with probably 45 to 50 people total for all 3 clubs. We had a very good attendance with 19 members Saturday and 17 on Sunday.

We had quite a few new members and first time fossil hunters and everybody had a great time and found lots good fossils. The holiday weekend weather was exceptional both days with high 70s on Saturday and mid 80s on Sunday. The hot, dry and breezy quarry environment being new to many of the members was a big surprise at how fast you could go through water. Staying hydrated is the most important thing anybody can do in a quarry and close attention was paid to make sure people didn’t let the heat get the better of them and start melting right before our eyes!

At one point a couple people were sent to their cars for a little AC and water therapy so they could cool off and stay in the game.
Some of the new members had really good luck and the only thing that rivaled the finds was their excitement and enthusiasm in the days adventures. This trip never disappoints and with the incredible amount of rock being exposed from year to year I don’t expect that to change for some time to come
Report & first Photos by: Andrew Brodeur, Trip leader

Second set of photos by Kevin & Marybeth Berrien

Work on replacing the roof on the Cavehouse Museum has started.
Our Club donations being put to good use!

Second set of photos by Kevin & Marybeth Berrien