Beauregard Mine Trip Report

The 2019 Beauregard Mine trip was the biggest in a while as far as attendance is concerned.
This year we made it a joint trip with the Worcester Mineral Club and the Micro Mounters of New England. With the combined CVMC, WMC and MMNE we had a total of 32 people getting happy on the dumps!

We had incredible weather for the dig and just to add something extra to the day we did a hamburger and hot dog cookout for the whole gang for an extra $5 per person.

Due to logging operations on the mine property this was the very first trip of the year and we were the first clubs in to reap the benefit of that, the digging was great! With temps hitting the upper 80s and almost a cloudless sky it was nice to have everybody take a break in the shade, eat and rehydrate and get better acquainted at lunch. The Worcester Club was a fun and friendly group to dig with and above all, friendships were cultivated, bonds were formed and connections were made for possible other trips!

The benefit from having inter- club relations is HUGE and should be continued! We are all in clubs for the same reason and combining resources gives us all options we might not have otherwise. There’s nothing that compares to digging with friends and people that are energetic, open minded and that want to further the enjoyment of our hobby! We finally wrapped things up about 4:30 and a good time was had by all!!

Thanks to everybody that contributed to and enjoyed the picnic, it’s something I’ve wanted to do on a dig for a very long time and the Beauregard trip was perfect for it!

Andrew Brodeur, Field trip leader
First set of photos by: Andrew Brodeur
Second set of photos by: Wayne Corwin

Second Set of Photos by: Wayne Corwin