April 7 th Loudville Lead mine trip

The Loudville Lead mines was the first trip of the year and what a trip it was!!! There were 20 CVMC members and 4 members of the Micro Mounters that came out for this trip.
The first; break the tools out and wear the rust off, feel the dirt on your fingers and feel the sun on your face field trip of the season!! The cars lined up along the edge of Mineral Street looking like some sort of parade. As the last person joined the group we headed down the field and over the hill to the dumps.

The veteran members headed off to their favorite spots while I took a few minutes showing the new members and first timers what to be looking for at Loudville. Just in walking around surface collecting the specimens were everywhere. I do believe it would be possible to spend the whole day there and never have to put a shovel in the dirt and come back with plenty of specimens for your time. It does take cracking some rock and being able to see what looks different. If you go down there looking for one thing you probably won't come home with much but if you go there just looking then you'll have more specimens than you can handle!

Two of my best specimens were picked up on the edges of other peoples holes. The only reason I can imagine those specimens got left there is they went looking there for one thing! By noon time the temps had risen to almost 70 and the day couldn't have been any better! The people started to slowly trickling out about 1pm and the last 4, myself included never left until 5pm. To the best of my knowledge everybody found good specimens, enjoyed the day and left dirty, sore and tired….all signs of a good time!!

Trip Leader: Andrew Brodeur
Report & Photos by: Andrew Brodeur