Trip Report for Quabbin Shaft 10, Hardwick MA.

The first trip of the season for the CVMC was to Shaft 10 in Hardwick MA. This location was made during the digging of the Quabbin Aqueduct from the Quabbin Reservoir to Wachusette Reservoir between 1926 and 1933. The aqueduct is a 24 mile tunnel, 12' in diameter that carries water used by the city of Boston and its suburbs. Shaft 10 is the 10 th vertical shaft out of 12 shafts that were used to bring rock debris from the digging of the 24 mile tunnel up and out and stock piled. The rock in the waste pile of shaft 10 is full of collectable minerals mostly micros that are highly sought after by many collectors.

The day was picture perfect for April 8 th with clear skies and temps forecasted to hit the mid 40s. The 13 members gathered in Belchertown and made the 22 mile drive to Hardwick to start the first dig of 2018. The excitement level was high as we made the walk into the dig site and we were fortunate to have 2 new members digging with us. The group made the big slide down the hill and began finding minerals immediately . It was so nice to be back out in the field, the site was ready for us and really gave it's all!! We had a few new finds for this site with Apophylite, Tremolite, Pyrite and multiple combinations of these minerals along with the usual Babingtonite, Garnet, Fluorite and Epidote, we had a really excellent day on that pile of rock and dirt!! The day warmed up quick and we were down to just sweat shirts in no time. This site has a history of snakes and after about 1 pm we did see 3 small snakes, 2 of which I'm sure were Garter snakes and a third I couldn't but they had no interest in us and were only looking any place where we weren't. The group ended their day about 3pm with everybody wearing big smiles on the walk back out to the road.

Trip Leader, Andrew Brodeur

Photos by; Andy