Loudville Lead Mine, April 21, 2018

It was a crisp, sunny morning perfect for poking around in one of my favorite locations. 4 folks were with me as we headed down to the dumps shortly after 9am. Somehow “dumps” does not seem appropriate for what lies at the bottom of the hill on the farmer's side….but what's in a name? Anyway, I digress.

The upper dump area had been recently turned over in several places so there were some nice pieces of quartz found almost immediately. Diane Murphy found a beautiful specimen of manganese dendrites. Diane Burl found a specimen studded with garnets. After a little digging, Peter Ames found some very nice relatively large wulfenite crystals, and I found a lovely micro sized spray of malachite. In addition, I am happy to report that I FINALLY found some wulfenite crystals large enough to see clearly without a loupe in the lower dumps by the river. Andy Brodeur showed up later in the day and….wait for it……found a nice piece of burnished chalcopyrite (?) “Just laying there on the ground” in the same spot all of us had been walking over all day! Seriously?! I tried to claim right of first refusal as trip leader, but no dice. Really cool specimen.

By about 3pm most of the group (with additional folks who dropped in during the day) was still there but we were getting tired and the collecting day ended shortly after that. Everyone had a good time and many beautiful specimens were found.

Dump? I think not!

Story & photos by Sharon McKechnie

A happy bunch

Classic Loudville photo

Digging by the old foundation

Hard at work

Lovely manganese dendrites

Pyro supervising Terry

Pyro, the Loudville mascot

Quartz in goethite 2

Quartz xls in goethite

Wulfenite xls 2

Wulfenite xls