CVMC Officers and Committee member's 2018 trip report;
Tilcon Industries, Wauregan Quarry, in Danielson, CT

The 9 Club members met at a Duncan Donuts not far from the quarry then proceeded there to meet our host at the quarry gate for 8:45am. Tilcon Industries, Wauregan facility in Danielson CT was the site that was offered to us this year for our officers collecting trip. This site has been idle for the last 10 seasons and not much of anything was known about its mineralogy and no info was available on the usual mineral websites. I thought it would be good to take this trip even with the lack of info and not seem ungrateful to Tilcon in its offering it to us, I also looked at it as an adventure and a chance to do some reconnaissance at a new quarry. After the customary safety talk and required paperwork we were brought into the quarry and left on our own for the day and asked to lock the gate when we left. It's unknown if this site was ever available for collecting prior to our visit and we were very fortunate to have it offered to us. The geology of this site consisted of a MAFIC GNEISS, with beautiful banding and folding of alternating layers of light and dark minerals. The word Gneiss comes from the High German verb GNEIST (To sparkle, so named because the rock glitters). There were also quite a few specimens of Augen Gneiss found here. These have larger lenticular grains or mineral aggregates of Calcite or Quartz having the shape of an eye in cross section, AUGEN in German means eye. There was also fair amount of Epidote, some Garnet, pink Feldspar, Actinolite and possibly Tremolite. This site was also garden rock heaven; I wish I had more room in my truck! We systematically went around the quarry floor and piles of blasted material that were still there, covering as much ground as possible collecting as we went. This site is definitely worth going back to at another time. We called it a day about 1pm, we locked the gate and contacted our host to let him know we were off the property. For a trip that we had no initial information on and had no preconceived expectations of what we might find it sure turned into a great trip with everybody going home happy with decent specimens.

Report & Photos by: Andrew Brodeur, Trip leader

The gangs all here

What it says !

Road in

finally finished my buggy

Sharon's Buggy

augen gneiss 1

augen gneiss 2

augen gneiss 3

augen gneiss 4

Augen gneiss with garnets

Augen gneiss


Epidote coating

Epidote with quartz crystals

Epidote crystals

Gneiss with a biotite mica augen in the 7 o'clock position to the coin, very unusual to have the mica form in augen

gneiss with pyrite

Nice gneiss


tremolite on gneiss 1

tremolite on gneiss 2

tremolite on gneiss for scale

Wicked folding with Harini for scale

Wicked folding