2018 Western Mass Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show

The show date had changed again, to the second weekend of March, Saturday was 60 mph gusts of wind but the show was once again a good show for the Club, attendees and dealers too!
Next year we will finally get our show back to our usual date of the 4th weekend in March.

Putting up the show signs a few days before the show we had to deal with frozen ground.
Maybe the ground will be thawed next year.
We moved the UMass mineral identification into the display case room this year, it made it much nicer for everyone, there was enough room for the UMass ID crew, was more room for attendees around the table and it was quieter.

It's nice having a food bar right inside the show, the Hadley Farms Meetinghouse does a good job hosting our show.

Articleand some photos by; Wayne Corwin
Other photos by; Jack Marcy & Teresa Greenwood

First set of photos are of me and Bob Colby getting the signage up in frozen ground (photos by; Wayne Corwin)


Next it was Friday, day of dealer set-up (photos by; Wayne Corwin)

Show, Saturday (photos by; Wayne Corwin)


Show Sunday (photos by; Wayne Corwin)


Show photos by; Jack Marcy


Show photos by; Teresa Greenwood