Atwater Serpentine quarry trip report for Sunday 4/23/17

The 9 Club members gathered at the meeting place for some spring mineral collecting with a beautiful sunny day on deck.
We not only we looking for minerals but we were told by a passing motorist that a bear just crossed the road very close to us and was headed to our side of the road. One club member that showed up a few minutes late actually saw what she called a yearling bear cross the trail into the dig area between her and the rest of the group hiking in to dig but no others were seen the rest of the day.
We were also serenaded by a pair of Bared Owls most of the afternoon but we never got to see them. The digging was good with everybody finding some decent specimens with the conversation and camaraderie just as rewarding. A few of the members called it a day early while the rest of the diehards didn't leave the digs till about 4 pm.

It was a great day in this historic and beautiful old quarry location and dirty sore and tired was the best way any of us could have left after great day of digging!

Andrew Brodeur