Trip Report for Memorial Day / NY Fossil Weekend 2017

This year's NY fossil adventure was a completely different trip from last year and were we ever glad!! Those that went last year will know exactly what I mean and the 20+ degree temperature difference had just a little to do with it. We roasted in 90+ degree heat last year and had low 70's and partly cloudy this year. The lower, more user friendly temps had a direct and palpable effect on people's enthusiasm! It was a picture perfect weekend to be in the stone quarries looking for mineral and fossil specimens. We had slightly smaller groups this year with 10 CVMC members on Saturday and 13 on Sunday. We co-collected with the Capital District (Albany Club) and 2 members from the North Shore mineral Club, maybe 25 people in total both days. Decent specimens were found by all the members with an extra large Hindia sponge found by Lynsey Brodeur at the Schoharie quarry on Saturday and her younger brother Kyle stole the show on Sunday with some exceptional mineral specimens found at the Catskill quarry with a 2.5 inch Catskill Diamond and a 1+ Angel Wing Calcite. I think the best part of this or any trip is that everybody found specimens they were happy with, had a great weekend and went home with smiles on their faces, it makes me happy as a trip leader when people enjoy themselves. I'm still trying to get more members to camp with us out in NY for the holiday weekend. I camp with my family and another couple from the Albany area at a very nice State campground and we have a blast, it really makes the weekend an event!

Trip leader: Andy Brodeur
Photos by: Andy Brodeur & Teresa Greenwood

Howes cave quarry first stop

Schoharie Quarry second stop

Hudson Quarry third stop

Catskill Quarry fourth stop

teressa fossils

Kyle's 1" Angel wing calcite and 3" long Catskill diamond all cleaned up and some back lighting. These came from Quarry#4