The NOT Blandford Field trip Report for Sunday May 7 th

The field trip to Blandford for Kyanite on Sunday came to an abrupt end on Saturday when some new information was presented to us. We were informed by a member of the Blandford Conservation Commission at the site, that in fact mineral collecting IS NOT ALLOWED at this location. I did extensive research on this site 2 years ago to find out the collecting status of the site and found nothing in print saying it wasn't allowed. This site has been collected at for years and after talking to multiple clubs who all collect here we started going here ourselves. To the best of our knowledge, there still hasn't been any signage posted at the parking area stating that mineral collecting isn't allowed but we were told it wasn't and we will abide by it!

With that being said we still had a small group of people that wanted to go collecting so a last minute trip to Loudville was offered in place of Blandford. There were 8 of the original 12 members that gathered at Loudville and made the best of the day outside doing what we love to do. Besides some of the usual specimens one of the members went to the river in search of buttons from the old button factory that use to be upstream from the mine while others were taken on a short history walk to the smelter area of the property. On Saturday life gave us a big old lemon, on Sunday we turned it into lemonade.

Andy Brodeur, Trip leader

Photos by Andy Brodeur
and Teresa Greenwood

Andy photos


Teresa photos