Trip Report for The Betts Manganese Mine July 16 th Plainfield MA

The small group of only 12 Club members lead by Dynelle Longto gathered at the Cummington Creamery for 8:30 Sunday morning and traveled to the Betts Mine. The group met with site manager Rick Cernak who explained some of the mines history and gave the people that hadn't been to the mine a walking tour of the collecting areas. Those of us that have collected there before headed for the dumps without haste to find our special spots to dig! The weather was perfect for some midsummer collecting and although we didn't see and ticks, the mosquitoes did their best to collect as much from us as they could! Specimens of Garnet, Pyrite and Rhodonite surfaced early with the group moving to different dump areas as the day progressed trying to optimize their time at the mine. It was another good trip to a classic Western MA locality, we truly are fortunate to have the opportunity to collect there!

Dynelle Longto trip leader

Trip Report by Andy Brodeur