Atwater Quarry, Westfield Saturday April 22, 2017

April 22 was overcast and cool when nine CVMC members assembled at the 10am meeting spot along Northwest Rd. One member was fashionably late due to an unexpected coffee emergency. After a quick safety meeting, flagging was dispensed for hazard marking while on site. Two mountain bikers joined us to listen to a brief site history and have a look at the rocks collected on my previous visits to the quarry. At approximately 1035 the CVMC group hit the trail, buckets and shovels in hand, to the former Atwater Green Serpentine Marble Quarry; and thus commenced the official 2017 Tour of Sharon's SweetRox.

People found several nice-looking pieces of diopside and actinolite and some thumb-nail sized gemmy epidote crystals at the 1947 Prospect. A few large chunks of snow-white quartz with “mica scars” were given up by the granite pegmatite near Quarry #1. The star find by Kevin Sulikowski and his wild turkey was a beige beryl crystal approximately 1.5 inches long, also from the pegmatite. A few pea-sized euhedral garnets came out of a large garnet schist boulder near the 1947 Prospect. By about 2pm folks started leaving one or two at a time. Four die-hard diggers remained until about 5pm when we finally called it a day. Despite my inability to remember anyone's name, I think we all had a great time.


Sharon McKechnie

30 plus lbs of rock

Atwater Beryl

Atwater Fauna

Atwater peeps at work

Atwater quarry no. 1

Blue green fungus

Carbonates may be causing the light behavior.

Diopside encased in quartz, minor epidote.

Diopside w calcite and epidote

Quarry no.1 interesting light refraction.

Two-man demolition team