Tripp trip Aug. 27 th 2016

On a bright sunny day we met as usual in front of the Gilsum store then headed to the mine.
After a short safety talk everyone headed in all directions as there are multiple dumps and piles of rocks as well as some rock walls to work on. It didn't take but a few minutes before someone said they found a nice piece of aqua and a schorl in the same rock.
The mine soon sounded like a mixed drum band tuning upů.. thump, thump, bang, ting, ting, bang, crack, bang, thump and it's music to your ears knowing that everyone was finding something good.
Around noon I set up my water pump in the mine pond and strung out over 400 ft of hose for people to wash down the areas of the dumps they had been working on in the morning. This was a good thing, I saw a few facet quality gem aqua's and several good cab quality hunks of beryl, some single schorl and a cluster of schorl, several nice manganoapatite's crystals and a few garnets all washed out of the dumps.

Trip leader and report by: Wayne Corwin

Photos below by:

Set 1: Wayne Corwin

Set 2: Andy Brodeur
3 parts: General Tripp trip, Mushrooms and Minerals

Set 1: Wayne Corwin

Set 2: Andy Brodeur
Part 1: General Tripp trip

Part 2: Mushrooms, by Andy

Part 3: Minerals, by: Andy