2016 Show Committee Postcard Mailing
And Mineral Specimen Give Away Bagging

By: Wayne Corwin

On January 31st, 1:PM, almost the whole show committee got together at
Bob Colby's house, and did the anual mailing of 1,100 postcards to
advertize our Club show.
Helen was already cutting stacks of mineral lables for for the 500 plus kid
mineral spescimen give aways when I arrived. .........> (READ MORE BELOW)

Almost everybody brought something to eat, so as soon as everyone arrived, we sat down for a quick lunch while it was still hot.

After some good mixed assortment of food, we split into 2 tables, 1 table bagging
specimens with lables, the other table labeling and stamping the postcards.

After most everything was stamped or or bagged, we had a short meeting,
making sure we had everything set and arranged for our upcomming show.