Field Trip Report; Quabbin Reservoir, Shaft #10 3/26/2016

A half dozen CVMC members made it out for the field trip Saturday morning, on the 26th of March 2016. We met at 8:00AM and drove to the intersection where we parked our vehicles and began to walk the trail that led us to the collecting area. The weather was chilly, overcast, and you could notice a flurry or two every now and then. About a half mile from where we parked, we crossed the shaft which was marked by two columnar boulders and a thin cover - you could hear running water beneath it if you listened. Much of the surface rock had been washed off from previous rain, so a few of us surface collected and found some nice specimens while a few others took their chances digging. Overall, it was a really fun trip and it turned out to be a beautiful day for collecting. Epidote and Garnet was commonly found while the Fluorite was uncommonly found in both purple and blue varieties. Babingtonite was also found and a bit harder to find than the Epidote and Fluorite. Aside from that, there were small brown sphalerite crystals in matrix noted as well as some minor Zeolite minerals.

Report and photos by: John Orange

1)Blue Fluorites on green Epidote, 2)Babingtonite with Apophylite on top, 3)Epidote crystals