April 30 th 2016, Loudville Lead mine trip

The April 30 th Club trip to the Loudville Lead Mine saw a beautiful spring day with temps in the 60's and bright sun, perfect collecting weather!! The 14 Club members hit the dumps about 9:15 and after some basic instruction to new members on what to look for and some surface collecting to find samples of what to find there, the group drifted off to find their own sweet spots to start collecting.

The first specimen found was right on top of the ground was a very nice, large Barite specimen in matrix found by a new member; he picked it up because it looked different! Loudville is a great location to take new members for a number of reasons, the amount of specimens that can be found, ease of digging and it's just a great place to spend the day! This site is also known for being very generous to new collectors and she certainly didn't disappoint us this time. The specimens were coming out at a regular rate all day to both new and veteran collectors of all ages.

A family with a young son who had never collected showed up after hearing about the site so I gave them some instruction also, even they were finding good specimens and had a lot of fun, I do believe they will be joining our club soon!

Another young man that came with his parents began finding old cut nails and switched to collecting all he could, he also found both pieces of what looked like a chisel that had split length ways from being struck so much. He was very excited and talked about using the items in a historical presentation on the mine for school.

It was an awesome day of collecting and socializing all the way around and we didn't end our day and come off the dumps till after 4pm.

Andrew Brodeur, trip leader
Photos by: Andrew Brodeur