Trip report Chester Emery Mine 2016

Day one of the two day 2016 Chester Emery Mine trip started out with a less than perfect Saturday forecast but that didn't keep the 8 diehard collectors away from the dumps of the Old Mine. The group got right down to digging after the climb up the hill and it wasn't long before the specimens started popping. The day was just damp to start but just as forecasted the rain showers moved in about noon causing a few people to call it a day and head back down the hill. The 4 remaining members donned the rain gear and kept digging, finally ending their day about 3pm.

Day two was a completely different day weather wise with bright sun, a brisk wind and temps around 50*and the 7 Club members were just as rewarded in the specimen department. The windy conditions brought with it one unforeseen danger for the diggers, getting pelted with windblown acorns on the way up the hill wasn't much fun! The normal specimens of Emery, Margarite, Dravite Tourmaline, Tremolite, and some nice Epidote presented themselves as well as a few others we couldn't identify in the field. The old mine is known for being gracious to new collectors and this time was no different. The 14 year old niece of one of our members on her first trip to Chester was rewarded with an exceptional Margarite specimen and she couldn't have been more pleased! There was a good amount of manmade, mining artifact being unearthed also, various pieces of pipe, old cut nails, links of chain, a large strap hinge and a complete, 14 bull point chisel were unearthed as well.
We didn't have a perfect weekend but we did have a perfect time with good friends in a great classic mineral location right here in Western MA.

Trip Leader both days and report by: Andrew Brodeur

First set of photos by: Andrew Brodeur

Second set of photos by: Teresa Greenwood

Photo Set 1


Photo Set 2