Blandford Kyanite Trip

The CVMC had its first field trip of 2016 on March 19 th and 20 th , almost a month earlier than usual. This year's mild winter and made it possible to get out field collecting early and we took good advantage of it! It was also the first time the Club ever collected the Blandford, MA Kyanite location.
New digging locations in New England are few and far between so 2 small, 15 person groups, were planned for Saturday and Sunday to make the most of the new place for our members. The weekend weather was perfect with mid 40* temps and the 12 person group on Saturday and 4 people on Sunday had some great collecting.
The people that cancelled because of the cooler morning temps really lost out on some great collecting! The specimens were coming out at a regular rate and even the newest, most inexperienced Club members were having good luck in their quest for Blandford Blue. I have to say that Saturday group was one of the most fun groups I have ever taken out collecting. The spirit and camaraderie was over the top and we had a blast out in the field together, it was a great way to celebrate the first weekend of spring!!

Andrew Brodeur, Trip leader (photos from Andy below Diane's photos)

Photos by: Teressa Greenwood (Photos From Saturday Trip)
. . . . . . Another Report with photos below by: Diane Burl

Report with photos below by: Diane Burl

Here are, before and after, shots of one of my finds from Saturday. In the before pic, it is at the bottom in the center.
Rinsed and soaked overnight in iron out. The clear, orange is some type of quartz (I think) we found quite a bit of up there. It was very nice too. Brought home a hunk of it.

Diane Burl

(Photos From Saturday Trip)

Photos from Andy