Beauregard Mine Trip, Alstead NH
November 5th 2016

The 15 th and final CVMC field trip of the 2016 collecting season dawned on a frosty November morning with a promising forecast of a great fall day in the mid 50's. The 27 Club members met up in Keene then traveled in convoy to the mine in Alstead NH for a 9am start time.
Once in the mine the group gathered for a brief talk on the mines history and what could be found.
A quick walk around to show us the expanded dumps had people finding Beryl crystals without even brandishing a tool.
The group wasted no time and got right down to digging and the specimens were coming out at a surprising rate.

I don't think I've ever seen so many Beryl crystals come out of these dumps in my 8 years of collecting this location. There was 2 or 3 nice, gemmy Aqua Marine crystals, several green Beryl with the majority being Heliodor from pencil size up to the biggest about 2 inches across by 5 inches long. There was also Cleavelandite Feldspar, Black tourmalines in Schist, Mica and a seldom seen mineral called Perthite found. A beautifully terminated, single, black Tourmaline crystal in Graphic Granite was also found by Peter Ames.

This trip was our first time back here since the change in ownership. The dumps are very productive now that they are being turned over after every collecting trip, and with the work being planned by the mine owner, I can only see this sight becoming even more productive over the coming years!

This was a great trip on a great day and was a perfect ending to a very fun and rewarding collecting season.


Trip leader, and first set of photos by: Andrew Brodeur
Second set of photos by: Teresa Greenwood
PS: More photos will be added as specimens are cleaned and photos sent in. .... Wayne

First Photo Set by: Andrew Brodeur


Second Photo Set by: Teresa Greenwood

More photos will be added as specimens are cleaned and photos sent in. .... Wayne