Barrus collecting trip Sept. 11 th 2016

The weather turned out to be wonderful, well, not really to start.
While I was waiting for members to show up at the meeting spot in the center of Goshen, 2 powerful storms came thru about 8:15 and then again at 8:40, the rain was going sideways, and there was over an inch of rain in just a half hour. During that time, trees blew down across Rt. 9 just west of Williamsburg center and fully blocked the road (See the first 2 photos where it happened (photos from day after) bending the guardrails and taking down wires.
Third photo shows the sideways rain!
I received several calls from members stuck there with trees blocking their way, and the same thing with wires down in Northampton blocking the roads. Once the police, tree and electric crews showed up, they tried to give directions to get around the messes, most members managed to make it to the meeting spot, albeit a bit late, but I changed the leaving time to 10:00 instead of 9:00 and by then the weather really was wonderful for the rest of the day, cool, dry and no humidity!

The day was filled with good mineral finds, I saw at least 2 goshenites found and many members also found nice tourmaline specimens, I saw several birds-eye and bulls-eye tourmalines, and some odd two tone green tourmalines, some with nice terminations, many nice pink and yellow lepidolite micas and several spodumine crystals, some with small gem areas. There were also several members that found nice feldspars of cleavelandite and albite.

It was an excellent day of collecting!

Trip leader and report with photos by: Wayne Corwin