Barrus collecting trip May 14 th 2016

The weather turned out to be wonderful, as did the collecting too.
We had 19 of the 20 members that signed up show up for the trip.
The one, who didn't show up, missed a lot of good collecting.
The day was filled with good mineral finds, many found nice tourmaline specimens, I saw several birds-eye and bulls-eye tourmalines, and some odd two tone green tourmalines, many nice pink and yellow lepidolite micas and several spodumine crystals, some with small gem areas. There were also several members that found nice feldspars of cleavelandite and albite.
The gnats were out in numbers, but with so many of us to choose from, it made it harder for them to choose a victim.
We have a Ford explorer on site, so I was able to drive a couple of members with physical limitations and some member's equipment down to the collecting area. At the end of the day, when I went to bring the people and tools back up, the battery died.
So I had to walk back to my truck and get my “jump-pack”, which did the trick quickly.

Other than that one setback, I would say it was an excellent collecting day all in all.

Trip leader and report by: Wayne Corwin

2 sets of photos below:
Set 1 by: Teresa Greenwood
Set 2 by: Wayne Corwin

Teresa's photos

Wayne's photos