Warwick, MA Epidote Locality

11th of July 2015, Saturday at 9:00AM, members of the club met at a nearby spot, not far from the locale.  It was a good turnout, there may have been 10+ members present for the dig.  Several members went into the woods across the street from the epidote site to where the magnetite was said to be more prominent.  Magnetite was found along with massive garnet, specimens were obtained from breaking rock open and/or searching through the roots of a downed tree.  On the other side of the street, several members were in the woods collecting in a semi-muddy area said to contain nice epidote.  A few individuals had found some small epidote samples on garnet matrix by searching the small rocks in the mud/dirt.  Some prospecting was done further down an old logging trail, the only thing of note discovered was a large, flat garnet boulder that was broken apart with seams of calcite and what looked like light green Actinolite.

Report by: John Orange
First set of photos by: Teresa Greenwood
Second set of photos by: Wayne Corwin

Photos by: Wayne