Vermont Concretion trip 2015
Photos by: Andy Brodeur, Jack Marcy & Teresa Greenwood

The Vermont Concretion trip couldn't have asked for better weather for spring collecting! The mild temps and bright sunshine had been a bit elusive so far this year but we sure had it this day!!  The13 Club members gathered at the Sharon Trading post meeting location along with our resident guide and host Ted Kenyon. This trip originally had a 3 location agenda but thanks to Mr. Kenyon we ended up with 4 locations to collect Concretions. He led us to the 2 new locations and then he left us to our own to collect as long as we wanted. We spent about an hour to an hour and a half at each location. The specimens are so plentiful that to stay any longer or take any more than a couple soda flats is just being greedy and that isn't good collecting ethics! The concretions at each location are very different from each other either in size, shape or sedimentary composition. Some are small and delicate, some are sandy and more sprawling and we even saw a few that weighed hundreds of pounds embedded with baseball sized river stones, all interesting in their own right. One of the locations gave up a very special and rare specimen with one of the concretions containing a complete leaf fossil (first 2 photos) from The Glacial Lake Hitchcock era estimated to be 15,000 to 17,000 years old. Although the specimens aren't minerals they are still a unique geologic occurrence and fun to collect, worthy of being in anybody's collection. We all left having a great day, dirty sore and tired, all signs of a great day of collecting!!!

Trip Leader: Andrew Brodeur
Kyle Brodeur

First set of photos by: Andy Brodeur

Second set of photos by: Jack Marcy

Third set of photos by: Teresa Greenwood