Sunday 10/25/15, Chester Emery Mine/ Old Mine 

The morning didn't start out looking too good with rain showers in the area but they were forecasted to be moving out in the morning. The radar looked promising so the trip went ahead as planned and by the time the 6 members started up the trail to the mine the showers were gone with mild temps, a good day for digging.. The old dumps we usually dig in haven't been as productive as normal so after finding some new dumps last year  we ignored the old dumps and concentrated on the new area. The plan was to do some prospect digging in this relatively un-dug area to see what we might find so we spread out and began our search. It didn't take long for this plan to start producing a few specimens of Margarite so we set up camp in the new area and got down to some more serious digging. Good specimens of all sizes were coming out at a steady rate all day. With three out of the six members being new members and never digging there before it was good to be finding good specimens. It was also a good lesson in how to prospect an area to try and improve your odds. Due to all the trouble the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife have been having with people vandalizing the bat gate to gain access into the mine so I didn't even bring the members up to that area for the ceremonial photo in front of the mine, that has been a ritual of mine since I started leading trips there. Two of the members left about noon and the rest of us stuck it out till 3:30 and called it a very good day. I'd also like to add that excluding myself, all the Club members on this trip were women and we had a very enjoyable day digging on the dumps of the Old Mine in Chester!

Trip leader: Andrew Brodeur
Photos by: Teresa & Andy

Teresa's photos

Andy's photos