Memorial Day Weekend Fossil Trip
May 23 & 24, 2015

We had another Memorial Day weekend fossil trip for the record books! The weather both days was absolutely perfect, 70's/80”s bright sun and breezy. There were 3 other groups collecting with us this year with the Capital District Mineral Club of NY, the NY Palio Group and a tag along “meet up” group with them call The New England Rockhounds, about 50 people total.

The part that was disappointing was the CVMC member attendance or should I say the lack of it? Only 8 out of the original 24 showed up for Saturday's quarry digs. We had some incredible collecting on Saturday with plenty of Tentaculites and Brachiopods from the Howe's Cave Quarry and even better luck at Cobleskill Stone Products quarry at Rickard Hill, Schoharie NY The fossils were popping all afternoon with Hindia sponges galore from dime sized and 2 larger than a golf ball found by Bob and Jackie Colby! Brachipods, Trilobites, Crinoid stems, Crinoid anchor points and Coral heads were also common and plentiful for the group. We finally ended our collecting on Saturday at about 5:30 pm.


The Sunday trip had similar attendance with 10 people out of 25 signed up from the CVMC and the same other collecting groups as Saturday, about 50ish people total. The weather was a bit warmer with bright sun, breezy and almost 80 degrees. The collecting wasn't as good as this day at the Catskill and Greenport/Hudson Quarries but the day was just as enjoyable with and exceptional Pyritized Hindia sponge found by Club member Fred Wilda, and some Herkimer style diamonds with Angel Wing Calcite in matrix found by Andrew Brodeur. We ended our day again about 5:30pm, it's a long tiring weekend but it was a very satisfying one!!


This has got to be my very favorite trip of any the club does!!! To combine the 3 day weekend with camping in the Schoharie Valley and 2 days of fossil collecting is something I look forward to all year. I would love it to have more club members get into this camping and collecting weekend with us and maybe book 2 or 3 adjoining camp sites. The socializing, collecting, camping and cooking some great camping food and totally enjoying the whole package is something I wish more would experience, maybe next year!!??


Andrew Brodeur, Trip leader
Photos below of 4 of the locations: by: Andrew Brodeur

1) Saturday Howe's Cave
2) Saturday Rickard Hill Quarry
3) Sunday Catskill Quarry
4) Sunday Hudson Quarry

Saturday Howe's Cave

Saturday Rickard Hill Quarry

Sunday Catskill Quarry


Sunday Hudson Quarry