Loudville 2015

We met up on the farmers side, mid April, 3 weeks after our March Club show.
Even at this late date, there was still a lot of snow cover along the river area and it
was fairly cold out and windy, but a mostly sunny day and down in the river gully
made it fairly nice. I replaced Fred as one of the trip leaders as he was sick that week.
The frost was very deep this year, but lucky collectors still did well surface collecting
and shallow digging .
After we were there for about an hour, the other side of the river started filling up with
more mineral collectors from the "New England Rockhounds" club, and there was more
snow on that side for to deal with. The river was Roaring, and it was hard to shout loud
enough to even hear who they were. I think our group was a bit larger.
I don't know if it was the extra snow and frost on that side, or the collecting was poor or
if they had another place to go dig, but they didn't stay too long.
I did get a photo of them at least (see "A" below) with one of their members waving.
We stayed till late afternoon, I think everybody found the usual galena, quartz crystals,
pyromorphite coatings, but a few found some nice wulfenites, some in more than one habit.

By: replacement trip leader: Wayne Corwin

First set of photos by: Wayne Corwin
Second set of photos by: Andy Brodeur


Second Set of Photos