Donation - Clean - Sort - Sell

Rocks, Minerals, Equipment & Tools donated to the club by long time
CVMC member Karl Recoulle. >> Thank You Karl <<

These were put up for a 1 day sale at Fred & Helen's place
after we (Fred & Helen, Wayne, Bob & Jackie, Jack, Francis)
on short notice picked all this wonderful material at Karl's,
brought it back to Fred & Helen's place where we cleaned and
sorted everything the next day and even late into that night.
Some was set aside for school & show giveaways, and the rest
was priced, most put into flats, pails and a few loose items.

The attendance for the sale was kind of poor, but a fair amount was
sold, with the money going to the club. We still have some items
left over that we will put up for sale as we can.

>> Thank You Again Karl <<

Wayne Corwin

Photos by Wayne & Jack