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Old Mine Dig 2014

The Sunday 10-26-14 trip to the Old mine in Chester was attended by only 7 Club members with a much more different day weather wise. Cloudy skies, cooler temps and a brisk wind greeted the CVMC as they gathered at the Old mine. After showing the newer members the danger zones and bringing them to the upper Adit for the ceremonial pictures in front of the mine opening we got down to some collecting. The dumps produced some mediocre specimens and while the Old mine dumps have the habit of being generous to new members, it wasn't in the cards on this trip. The members decided to call it a day rather early due to the temps except for our resident die hard Terry Roberts and myself. I found Terry as I usually find him, waist deep in a hole finding great specimens. Terry and I dug together for 2 more hours with the collecting gods standing with us and pointing us in the direction of spectacular Margaite specimens. We finally headed down off the hill at 3:30 with buckets and back packs full, my best trip to the old mine yet!

Trip leader: Andrew Brodeur

Photos by: Andrew Brodeur

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