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Wrentham Quarry Dig 2014
Fifteen members of the mineral club gathered at the Wrentham quarry on Saturday, September 13th. Once the quarry trip leader finally showed up and all the forms were signed, we were led into the quarry. We spent several hours sorting through the loose rocks on the surface and digging trenches in the quarry floor in search of amethyst and other minerals. We didn't find much, but everyone found something to take home. We hope for better luck next year.

After the quarry visit, two members continued to the North Attleboro town composting yard to look for fossils. We found the small pit there, and collected specimens of ferns and other plants. The site wouldn't justify a separate trip, but it was a worthwhile addition while we were in the area.
Trip Leader: Peter Ames
Photos by: Peter Ames

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