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Trip Report for the Memorial Day Weekend trip to NY State for fossil

The Memorial Day weekend trip in NY State was originally a 2 day, 2 quarry trip for fossils. This itinerary changed mid week just before the trip and there wasn't time enough to get the word out. And since the original plans were still included in the change, as trip leader I opted to just leave things alone because it would have been to hard to try to explain it via email. The trip that was 2 days/ 2 quarries turned into 2 days/ 4 quarries. It wasn't to hard to make that adjustment!

Day #1 / Quarry #1 Saturday morning dawned with a few scattered showers but nothing that was bad enough to cancel things. Twenty Club members met at the planned meeting spot and proceeded to the 1 st stop of the day which ended up being the Howe Cave Quarry . We went there last year also but this year seemed to offer better specimens than last year's trip. The featured specimen there is · Tentaculites, this is an extinct genus conical fossil, Bryozoans, small filter feeders and Corals. All Club members were able to collect at least some of the above listed specimens. The new Club members that joined us also enjoyed the Cave House Museum of Mining and Geology and the trip down into the original Howe Cave ; this is the original opening to well known Howe Caverns . This is not part of the Howe Caverns tour that the Club went on last November.

Day #1/ Quarry #2 At 12;30 we moved to the originally planned Rickard Hill Quarry. The collecting here was for Brachiopods, Corals, Trilobites, Sponges, Angel Wing Calcites, Dog Tooth Calcites, Horn Corals, Crinoid stems, Travertine and a couple more things that slip my mind right at the moment. The first level of the quarry we visited was kind of barren accept for a few Coral heads, and then we moved to the upper levels of the quarry which was much more productive. The rain showers drifted back in for a bit but the collecting was very good and did nothing to dampen our spirits or slow us down! The day's activities didn't end until 5pm with the damp, muddy, bruised and tired group finally departing for home with their treasures.


Day #2 / Quarry #1 Sunday was a completely different day as far as the weather with bright blue sky and warmer temps. There were only 8 members that made the trip out for the second day, that number down from the original 15 that signed up. We were collecting with a few members of the Capital District Mineral Club from Albany NY on both days and the total number of us on Sunday between the 2 clubs was 12 people. We went into the Hudson Quarry right on time, and started collecting at the first of 3 areas in the quarry. The first 2 areas weren't real productive but the third area produced some very nice shell fossils and a few Trilobite tail fossils but no Starfish like what was found there last year by another club. With the pickings being kind of slim here our leader brought us to a bonus quarry for the second ½ of the day.

Day #2 / Quarry #2 The second Quarry for the day was the Catskill Quarry in Catskill NY, about a 20 minute drive from the Hudson Quarry, where we collected 3 different areas of this quarry also. The first spot produced a few Hindia Sponges and 2 very nice Herkimer type, double terminated Quartz crystals found by a CVMC member! The second spot had a fresh blast in a lower level of the quarry that was barren and we only spent 30 minutes here before our host moved us again and this is where it got really good. In this inactive part of the quarry we were finding more minerals than fossils but that just made the day more interesting! We were finding plates of Angel Wing Calcites with crystals up to ¾”, Quarts on Calcite, and some pieces to big to move. This was by far the bonus of the weekend but the day had to end sometime and 5pm was our limit for today also but with our showing of specimens, good byes to new friends and hand shakes and “thank you's” to or gracious host for the 2 day extravaganza, it was 5:30 or better before we were on our way home.

Our host for the weekend was Consulting Geologist for most of the quarries in East Central NY, Geologist Paul Griggs. This gentleman spent 2 whole days with us, leading us from area to area, collecting with us and always ready to answer our questions. I can't believe the fun this weekend turned out to be and I would love to plan it again for next year! I'm very sorry that some people had to cancel out, they really missed a great time!


Trip Leader, Andrew Brodeur
Photos by: Andy

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