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By: Andrew Brodeur
There are no photos of the pig on this page.
For those who are not squeamish, you can view the wonderful roasted pig (Here)
There are 3 sets of photos below by: 1) Andy Brodeur, 2) Teresa Greenwood, 3) Wayne Corwin

The annual CVMC picnic and pig roast was held on August 24 th on one of the nicest weather days all year! The day welcomed the Club members to Conant Park in Southampton MA with clear skies and 78 degrees, perfect picnic weather. The day's activities included the usual tailgating and Club auction in the afternoon. The new additions, to the picnic fun, was Mineral Bingo called by Jim Sansalone and a Chinese Auction with 13 prizes related to our hobby and outdoor activities. The pig was cooked by Redneck Roasters of South Hadley and it was by far one of the best cooked pigs in both taste and appearance that any of us had ever had. They also provided baked beans, roasted red potatoes and corn on the cob. The people that didn't want the pig had their choice of hamburgers and hot dogs and the usual supply of cold summer salads, side dishes and deserts were supplied by Club members. We had about 60 Club members in attendance which isn't as much as I would like to have seen but many people take vacation at the end of August which kept our numbers down. It appears that a good time was had by all and it was a great day to visit with old friends and get acquainted with new ones. I'd like to thank the picnic committee and everybody that gave us a hand during the day, member participation is a key ingredient to the success of any Club function and an important part of passing on the way the club manages a Club function.
Andrew Brodeur, Picnic Chair.
Photo set 1) Andy Brodeur ************************************************

Photo set 2) Teresa Greenwood ************************************************

Photo set 3) Wayne Corwin ************************************************

Something you don't normally see, an odditty for sure,,
A White Faced Hornets nest built under a outdoor patio chair !
They had run out of room between the chair and the ground to build the nest.
So they had started building thru the top above and around the side of the chair.

The Hornets are gone now, one morning I saw a Skunk rip off the opening for nest,
turn on his back, reach up inside and rip out the larvae comb, then walk off eating
the larva's, the whole time ignoring the Hornets that were trying to sting it.
Wayne Corwin's chair

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