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2013 - NY Quarry and Fossil Collecting Trip
Howe Cave Quarry and Rickard Hill Quarry

Thirteen CVMC members gathered at the usual meeting spot in Schoharie NY on Sunday morning greeted by cloudy sky’s and an on and off rain showers. This did little to dampen spirits as we met with our NY Club guide Robert Stitham and proceeded in convoy to the Howe Cave Quarry. We met up with two other clubs, the Capital Mineral Club and the New York Palientological Society.

This site was originally an old underground Cement Mine that changed over to an Aggregate quarry after a short period of inactivity. This is also the location of the very first discovery of the cave system that would become Howe Caverns. We were fortunate to receive a quick tour of the original entrance point to the caves, this is something not seen by visitors to Howe Caverns today. We were shown where and what to collect and we were off!

After a couple hours we reformed our groups and proceeded to the Rickard Hill Quarry where we spent the rest of the day. We visited this quarry last year but this year we were able to collect on the upper levels where we didn’t get to collect last year. The pickings were very good even for the large group of probably 45 people between all 3 Clubs. We encountered very nice Angel Wing Calcites, some up to ¾” in size. Travertine (Flow Stone), a type of Calcite that forms unique structures inside the local caves like Stalagmites and Stalactites and Dog Tooth Calcites growing on large plates of Travertine. We found the usual shell and Coral Fossils and Cephalopods up to 8” long. We were also very fortunate to have the Quarry Master on hand to show us where things were showing up and help out some of the people not finding the sweet spots in the quarry. This was an above average trip and we are very grateful for being included this year, it sure does help to have local people with you that are familiar with the locations! This was a great trip and I hope we get back out here real soon!

Trip leader and photo's by: Andrew Brodeur

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