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2013 Beauregard Mine trip report


This year’s trip to the Beauregard Mine in Alstead NH was a combined trip between the CVMC and the Northern Berkshire Mineral Club. There were about 9 members from each club in attendance and after meeting at the Gilsum General Store we traveled in convoy to the mine. After a quick walk around to fill in the 1 st timers, the crew wasted very little time in finding place’s to dig. The dumps had been stirred up and turned over thanks to Wayne and a backhoe the week before. Saturday’s rain storms gave the dumps a good rinsing making surface collecting the choice of many before settling down to dig. Many good specimens were collected by both Clubs and the only thing there was more of than minerals was the Black Fly’s, they were thick up there in the woods! Beauregard 2013 is a memory now and a darn good one at that, a good day was had by all!
Andrew Brodeur

First set of photo's by: Andrew Brodeur of the CVMC
Second set of photo's by: Larry Michon of the NBMC
. . . . More photo's to come, stay tuned !

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More photo's to come, stay tuned !

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