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Tripp Trip 7 . . Aug. 4th 2012

This was one of the hottest and muggiest field trips in a long time.
Even so, no one gave up early, there were too many good specimens
to be found and everyone seemed to be finding them.
We had 3 coolers with water & gator-aid set around the mine, and
the use of water hoses for wetting down specimens,,, or in my case,
accidently hosing down Bob Colby. LOL
Lee Brought 8 assorted pies, which we all enjoyed during lunch and
again later when we broke for "Best Collected Specimen of the
contest with the "Silver Shovel Award" which was won by: Terry
Robertson, he also wone second place, third place was won by:
Donna Seehorst.
First set of photo's below are by: Andrew Brodeur
Second set of photo's below are by: Wayne Corwin

Posted by trip learder: Wayne Corwin

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Andy's photo's below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wayne's photo's below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Report by: Wayne Corwin

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