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Field trip report and photo's by: Andrew Brodeur

Field Trip to Sharon VT for Concretions May 2012

I arrived in Sharon VT at 8:45 and met up with the land owner for coffee and a long over due chat. The flooding from last years hurricane really did major damage in the Sharon area as it did over much of New England. The pit we usually collect in had the flooded White River running right through it last august and the scars still show along the river banks. After the flood water subsided, our host was inspecting a large culvert that drains onto another piece of his property and found another Concretion location exposed by hurricane Irene. He took me to show me this location and in seeing what was there I decided to deviate from our planned trip location and take the group to the new spot first.

There were only 5 of us to start the day so after staying at the meeting place an extra 15 minutes we proceeded to the new collecting location. The Concretions are different here than our original location. They are MUCH larger and sandier, some of them with an almost Druzy look to them. This location is harder to get to with a steep hill to traverse down to where the Concretions are. I estimate that some of the specimens here could weigh 80 to 100 pounds! We spent about an hour and a half here then went to our original destination to collect. The specimens at our original location are finer, more Clayish, and smaller with more intricate details than our new location. We also met up with 2 more club members that showed up and went right to the collecting site. The original location had less to offer this year but after the light winter we had I guess not as many were exposed but the pickings were still good. A very good trip no matter how you slice it!

Andrew Brodeur

Cleaned Specimens

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