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Club trip to Loudville May 2011

Pictures below by: Chris Wayne


The CVMC ventured off to the Loudville Lead Mine on May 7 th. It was a perfect day for collecting with plenty of sun. As members unpacked their gear, many were enjoying the beauty of the forest. Red Trillium were plentiful throughout the woods. Six club members were in attendance at the start and over twelve at the finish. See club website for photos. In addition to the CVMC, The South Eastern Massachusetts Mineral club was on site as well and we enjoyed each others company as we searched for the perfect specimen.

Loudville is a unique location. Frequently you will hear mineral collectors make comments about how the area has been well picked over, yet each year the CVMC has a good luck discovering new finds. This year was no exception! Ball Malachite, Calcopyrite, Cerussite, Galena, Quartz crystals, and Wulfenite were all found! This is one of the exciting parts of mineral collecting. You never know what will turn up.

Submitted by: Chris Wayne, Trip Leader

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