2012 CVMC Mineral Show

The story of our 2012 show that almost wasn't !

As any mineral club that puts on a show knows, it’s a year round project. The show committee has found and secured an appropriate venue, dealer contracts, advertising, meetings to keep things on track; it really is a complex undertaking for any club! It’s November and everything going right on track and you’re in the home stretch. The dealers have all returned their signed contracts along with the check for their spaces. You’ve been passing out the 10,000 show flyers you had printed you’re almost ready to have your posters printed and the phone rings…..It’s the Hotel Manager where you you’ve signed a contract with and given a $1000.00 deposit; it’s the same Hotel that’s telling you they are canceling all their 2013 events, they’re sorry and sending your deposit back….click!


The sound of the show gears grinding to a sudden halt echoed!!! The emails go out and an emergency meeting is called to figure out what the next step is. In the mean time our show committee members scrambled to find a new venue that has the right size room and the same weekend available because our dealers have already planned on being with us that weekend, what are the chances of finding both?! We lucked out and found another venue 7 miles away, same weekend available and almost the same size room. We measured the room, drew up a quick floor plan and with some tweaking all our dealers fit!


We held a meeting to discuss the shows demise and present what we found out. After agreeing that the new location would work we called all the dealers that night to tell them what’s up, and all but one says “no problem we’ll go with it”…The show is back on!

Now… remember those 10,000 show flyers floating around New England with the old location on them?? Get a new contract signed with the new venue, new contracts out to our dealers with the new location. Change what advertising we can, pick up as many of the old flyers as possible and get 10,000 new flyers printed. We work with the local Vocational/Technical High School for our show flyers. Their print shop is awesome, they reprinted, cut and boxed another 10,000 flyers with the new location with a one day turn around just so we could get them to the Worcester Show and get them into circulation! The Club and Show websites get changed and the new location gets plastered all over the place, place new flyers at every place that will take a stack…The Show Will Go On!


The irony of this whole thing is that we discussed this very scenario at an earlier meeting but never really believed it would happen or we would have to have a plan “B”. Everything you’ve just read about transpired in about a 2 week period. I have to give all the credit to our show committee for pulling this event out of the circular file! Their diversity and dedication is what makes things fly and all the extra effort that got put forth for the good of the Club without being asked is to be commended! In being the Club President and part of the show committee myself it’s reassuring to know this group is there and ready to go when things hit the fan!

Andrew M. Brodeur
Connecticut Valley Mineral Club Pres. . . . 2012 Show Photos by: Wayne Corwin & Andy Brodeur

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